Asilah: Authorities give special tribute to 3 fair guys

The 3 guys brought a found bag full of money to the local police station.

Anas Chouiyekh and the brothers Ayoub and Adam Eddaoui from the northern city of Asilah for their fair Act. They found on the Mohammed V square, located in the Centre of the city, an abandoned bag with an estimated sum of 30,000 dirham, paper and two passports, who later turned out to be a Moroccan living in Netherlands. The honest guys went directly to the nearest police station to hand it to the authorities.

Commissioned by Abdellatif Ha, head of the DGSN DGST, there was a tribute and place at the headquarters of the regional police Commission of Asilah.

The ceremony was attended by the classmates of the three students in question. To honor their fair gesture, gave the authorities a check for 1500 dirham to the three teenagers (between 13 and 15 years).