Eredivisie: ' knee injury Eb seems too bad '

Initially it was feared for a ruptured cruciate ligament, however, the midfielder the last UEFA Champions League action with Feyenoord to miss.

Last night had to Karim El Ahmadi are action against Vitesse (ed. 1-0 profit) forfeit an entire unfortunate fall. On the images of the conscious moment is to see that the 33-year-old Moroccan international slips and then dangerous hard on his knee, It was feared for having torn his cruciate ligaments. Now it turns out, the Algemeen Dagblad reported today, that the injury you seems to fall. EB at most would have to contend with a darn tyre in his knee.

However, he will be the last group game in the UEFA Champions League, at home against SSC Napoli, Miss. After the loss party visiting Manchester City are the chances of wintering in Europe finally lost for the Rotterdam-team; the counter is currently 0 points from 5 games.

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