Ahmed Toufiq: Morocco has 14,000 Koranic schools

And on which no fewer than 14,000 450,000 students Koran schools.

Ahmed Toufiq, Minister of Islamic Affairs, revealed that Morocco is home to more than 14,000 Koranic schools, which teach the Holy Qur'an to 450,000 students, of whom 40 percent are women.

During his presentation of the annual report on activities of the High Council and the local councils of Oulema's for King Mohammed VI, Toufiq stressed the important role of Koranic schools in Morocco.

He added that authorizations were granted for the opening of 300 new Koran schools, which still reap the financial and educational support at all levels.

Many Koranic schools in Morocco are rehabilitated or newly built to strengthen the strategy to combat extremism, because the Moroccan Government she considers as a bulwark against the spread of religious radicalism.

Throughout the history of Islam mosques have played a dual role as a place of worship and learning.

In Morocco was each time that a mosque was built a large hall, called M'sid, built to teach the Holy Quran to children from the age of five years, as well as the Arabic language, calligraphy and other disciplines.

Koran schools offer young children, regardless of their social background, an education based on the memorization of the Koran verses.

At the age of 12 or 13 years can be the most talented and deserving students the second phase in a mosque or zawiya, where they learn the basics of grammar and Islamic law.

Lessons in the Koran school are always given by a master named taleb, fqih or sheikh, who leads the students in a mechanical and collective recitation of the alphabet and Qur'an verses.