Family Nouri receives ' encouragement award ' (video)

A special tribute to the family that had gotten a lot over the past few months to process.

Over 5 months later is Abdelhak Nouri still in more or less the same State of health. The 20-year-old midfielder of Ajax were due to heart failure permanent brain damage on, an event that many broke away in Netherlands and also beyond. Despite the fact that the situation for a while now plays, is a big part of Dutch society still very concerned about the fate of Abdelhak.

Similarly during a meeting of the colorful Top 100, an organization that Dutch people in the Sun put that make the difference. For the family of Abdelhak was there yesterday the ' encouragement award ', this got his older brother from the hands of old Dutch international Khalid Boulahrouz.

We try once again to Nouri, just like any other ill brother or sister, to carry in you beg prayers. Dua's answered that this may be Incha'Allah and Allah (swt) may make him better!

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