Rabat: arrest of a former police officer for murder on Moroccan Dutchman

It seems that finally justice comes in an old murder case dating back to 1997.

A former police officer was arrested in Rabat during a roadside check. The former police officer at national level was wanted for a 20 year old murder. He fled to Belgium in 1997 to avoid the prison.

The man was arrested on the evening of 1 november, writes the daily newspaper Al Akhbar today. The killing took place in 1997 in the port of Tangier. the suspect fled to Belgium after the death of the Moroccan Dutch rider involved in a drugs case. The deceased would have been tortured during his interrogation, until death ensued.

Another police officer was sentenced to 10 years in prison in the same case, while the main suspect had decided to flee to Europe. The latter thought he had managed to escape justice and decided to return to Morocco, under the assumption that his arrest warrant had expired. After his arrest he was transferred directly to the judicial police of Tangier.