Boulif: 60% of the obtained driver's licenses in Morocco were under fraudulent conditions

The State Secretary of transport, Najib Boulif, very.

At least 60% of the driving licences issued by training centres and driving schools were not in accordance with the law, said the State Secretary of transport, Najib Boulif, quoted by the daily newspaper Al Ahdath Al Maghribia. This driver's licenses, according to the Government official, have been issued to beneficiaries after exams that fell short of the legal procedures.

The Secretary of State draws this conclusion after several visits to exam centers. As a result, some drivers can obtain the licence without the required criteria and skills. The driver's license that is given to them has no credibility, he said.

In fact, according to the daily newspaper discovered the State Secretary during one of his visits two driving schools with the same name that would have trained 700 candidates for obtaining a driver's license. Oddly enough, however, none of them was ever called for an exam, but they received their driver's license. "That's impossible", Boulif said indignant.

However, it is not indicated what region these events took place, neither the sanctions which the Ministry intends to impose to those responsible for such cases of fraud. Nevertheless the newspaper claims that the manager who oversaw the examination centre is relieved of his duties.

Al Ahdath Al Maghribia argues that the Department responsible for transport, after completed studies by his services are initiated, furious and some driving schools must make in order to punish and in the sector.

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