Larache: Spanish teacher kidnapped hours

A terrible experience for the Spanish woman.

The small village of Aiacha, in the province of Larache, Arbaa was on Sunday december 3, the scene of a kidnapping. A Spanish woman, a teacher at the Luis Vives College in Larache, after several hours of kidnapping by the gendarmerie releases.

When they were with their vehicle returning from Tetouan to Larache, were the victim and her husband in Arbaa Aiacha stopped by a vehicle that had followed them for a while from a distance, reports the site Larache24. The kidnappers took the man from the vehicle and gave command to drive the woman to an unknown location.

The Spanish man took, as soon as the two vehicles were out of sight, contact the gendarmerie directly a quest with a helicopter began. When the agents had located the woman and the kidnappers fled the kidnappers quickly away, where the Spanish woman injured her hand. There is still research going on to find the perpetrators.

The Spanish Embassy in Morocco sent officials to Larache to inquire into the situation and to assist the teacher.