Tetouan: professional gang makes for 5 million dirham booty at jewelry stores

The suspects went quite sophisticated, is spoken even of a break-in with ' Hollywood-style '.

Two jewelry traders from Hay Tare fine in Tetouan had to Sunday morning with sorrow about how their business at all were plundered. On the night from Saturday to Sunday held there a professional gang activity, the total damage is estimated at more than 5 million dirham. That the gang is professional, has everything to do with the preparation on this roof. The Moroccan medium Ahdath Al Maghribia reported that the foursome in broad daylight posed as municipal employees who carry out maintenance work came to the Mall there.

Without fall I managed them to a secret passage to the 2 to create jewellery stores, which made it easy for them to turn off the security cameras right away so they could continue with their act. What they are also still in the card played was the fact that the permanent guardian of the Mall recently had resigned, the best man was not even on the level of the fees he received. It is known now that the gang has left nothing: gold rings, chains, straps and bracelets were all included, along with a significant amount of cash.

The local investigation has been going on since Sunday to collect enough busy tracks that can possibly lead to the perpetrators. For now is still lacking any trace of the foursome.

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