Laftit declares war on books on Shiism and which promote extremist ideas

The books that many ignorant people are mislead from the shelves.

Joint committees of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of religious affairs inspect bookstores of the Kingdom to extremist and Shia books to remove, Al Massae.

According to the same source, the committees of the two ministries, in particular on the work of pastors and "Shuyukh district" that are known for the prices of extremism and terrorism.

From sources of Al Massae shows that Interior Minister Pradeep Laftit has sent a confidential letter to local government officials. He urges them to unexpected visits to bookstores and cataloging the titles of books that promote Shiism and extremist ideas.

Terrorism is not a part of Islam and is created by people who have the goal to fitna (chaos and unrest) to form and thus the true Islam in a bad light.