More than 6200 children of African migrants in Moroccan schools

African migrants who live in Morocco, take advantage of different resources, including access to public schools.

More than 6200 children of African immigrants (coming from different countries of the African continent except Morocco) are integrated in the national system and put their education on Moroccan schools. They do this in particular with the support of civil society, said the Minister-delegate of the Ministry of MRE's (Moroccans living abroad) and migration, Abdelkrim Benatiq.

Benatiq, speaking in the House of representatives, noted that in the context of the new migration policy that Morocco has launched in 2013, African migrants in Morocco, can make use of various means, including the right to social housing, access to public schools and medical facilities.

He also referred to the right of access to vocational training, which he still added that the problem of migration should be addressed in a social framework.

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