Rabat: national demonstration against Trump's decision on Al Quds

The demonstration will take place next Sunday.

A demonstration against Trump's recognition of Al-Quds as the capital of Israel will take place in Rabat next Sunday at the request of two Moroccan NGOs which support the Palestinian people. A first sit-in will this Thursday about 18:00 hours (Moroccan time) be held in front of the Parliament building, located in Rabat.

The demonstration was by means of a declaration announced by the national action group to Palestine-led by lawyer Khalid Saidy-and by the Moroccan Association for solidarity with the Palestinian struggle.

"We urge the sons of the Moroccan people, trade unionists, human rights activists and politicians on associative and to participate in this popular mars on Sunday 10 december 2017, coinciding with the celebration of the international day of the Rights of the man ", the statement said.

The March that to 10:00 hour (Moroccan time) starts from the Bab El Had square, in the Centre of the city, will be held under the theme "For Al Quds, with resistance, against all forms of normalization ... The March of the Moroccan people ".

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