The mysterious disappearance of Ali, 12 years old, in Casablanca (video)

Ali went to buy milk, but never came home.

Ali disappeared last Saturday in Sidi Othmane where she lives with her parents and her brother. The girl was gone out to buy milk at the behest of her father, but they never came home.

According to a witness and resident of the neighborhood, Ali spoke against two people in a car, for the supermarket about 19:00, a few meters from the House. The witness thought he was a family member. "I never had an inkling. Paul was quiet on the chatting with a man who leaned against a car and I saw no signs of coercion or kidnapping, in which case I would have intervened, "said the young man.

But Ali doesn't come home and the family start getting seriously worried. They warn the authorities and go looking for the girl, to no avail. A few minutes later, the mother of Ali messages on WhatsApp by examining her daughter. "They want to kill me", "Help". Messages that the family of the teen in extreme panic do collapse and the trail of kidnapping confirm.

Even more surprising is that there is even a video call is done on WhatsApp with Ali. The family then asks her to the location using the GPS to send and lay her out how to. The teenager manages to accomplish its mission. But once on the marked place, the family no trace of Ali. Unfortunately it was later broken contact with the girl, her phone has since been diverted to her voice mail.

Police have opened an investigation and hear currently witnesses, neighbors and the family of the girl, and inspects the House of Ali.

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