El Othmani: ' Al Quds is a red line ' (video)

The head of the Moroccan Government spoke for the opening of the Government Council on Al Quds.

At the opening of the governmental Council today returned the head of the Government back to the decision by the US president Donald Trump to Al Quds to recognize it as the capital of Israel.

Saad Eddine El Othmani recalled the clear position of King Mohammed VI and said the decision by Trump in contradiction with the international legitimacy, especially with previous UN decisions.

On this occasion reminded the head of the Government that the Foreign Minister had a meeting yesterday morning with the diplomatic representatives of the United States and some permanent member States of the Security Council, in the presence of the Ambassador of Palestine. According to him, this is again a proof of the full support of Morocco to the Palestinian people in its quest for the creation of a Palestinian State with Al Quds as its capital.

"It's not a red line that can be crossed," he said. For El Othmani is necessary to the historical and social status of Al Quds.

[video = youtube; nG6KAGFlc9A] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = nG6KAGFlc9A [/video]

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