Tangier: drug Lord arrested after 14 years on the run to be

The drug Lord knew recently to escape the police when this a RAID did on the wedding of his daughter.

The mighty drug Lord was operating in the region Tanger-Tetouan-Fnideq and finally came up in the nets of the judicial police who pursued him for years. The drug Lord managed for 14 years in, in an eternal cat and mouse game, to get out of the hands of the police. Even during the recently celebrated marriage of his daughter, he remained on alert and was able at the last minute .

After he again managed to escape during the wedding party decided the police stepping up to. His friends, his men and trust are two women were placed under surveillance. Both women were also interrogated but denied knowing where he was.

Still, the interrogations were not for nothing and even decisive in the arrest of the drug Lord, writes the daily newspaper Assabah today. The second woman took after her trial directly call her husband, who stayed in a villa in Tangier. The phone call was intercepted by the police, who immediately did a police raid. The man was indeed found and arrested.

Also the daily newspaper Al Akhbar wrote today about this matter. The daily newspaper, which also confirms the arrest of drug Lord, said that the police had used sophisticated means to identify the places that he visited in the region. This is how, according to this newspaper, the security services were able to arrest him in a luxurious villa in Tangier.

The study, which the public has kept in suspense for a long time, is still going on. No doubt there will be new twists.

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