Al Quds: thousand protesters in Rabat (video)

Last night was demonstrated in front of the Parliament building in Rabat.

About a thousand protesters vented their anger yesterday evening in Rabat on the recognition by the American president Donald Trump of Al Quds as the capital of Israel, several Moroccan media reported. The demonstrators gathered in front of the Parliament at the request of several social organisations.

Sion Assidon, an activist, described the approval as a "crime", which "violates international laws".

Abderrahmane Baby, one of the leaders of PADS (Parti Démocratique Socialiste, radical left the l'Avantgarde) has accused the Arab regimes of "complicity" with the United States.

As a reminder, a.s. Sunday there is a at the request of two Moroccan NGOs which support the Palestinian people.

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