Moroccan schools scoring far below par with respect to reading skills

School libraries are scarce and books are missing.

An international report on reading ability points to the dysfunctions of the education in Morocco. According to this report, 63% of the Moroccan schools no library and has 28% of the Moroccan schools barely 500 books.

The daily newspaper Al Massae, which this information reports in its edition of Thursday 7 december, stating that "the most disturbing is that pupils often tired or hungry for the libraries." In addition, 12% of the students regularly absent.

What the early years learning, it was found 69% of the surveyed students not by their parents to be introduced in reading and reading skills. Only 22% said that their parents love to read. "This situation has a negative impact on the love for reading pupils," writes Al Massae.

Worse still, only 1% of Moroccan pupils would have reading material at home according to the report. From the report came further forward that 37% was content with their teachers. What parents are concerned, 65% said to be satisfied with the level of their children, 28% said moderately and 6% said not satisfied.