235 Moroccans who trapped in Libya arrived this morning in Casablanca (video)

This is the second group of Moroccans, who wanted to make the crossing to Europe via Libya, which has been repatriated.

A second group of 235 Moroccans who are trapped in Libya this morning about 6:00 am local time in Casablanca arrived. A relief for their families, but many others are still stuck in Libya.

The spokesman of the Government, Mustapha Regina, announced yesterday at the end of the weekly Government Council the return already. At that time they were already in Tunisia, the country from which they were repatriated. An aircraft of Royal Air Maroc was chartered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Moroccans to pick up there and flying back to Morocco.

At a meeting with the team of Le360, told several Moroccans about their suffering in Libyan prisons, where they were entitled only on water, bread and a piece of cheese. Some brought there a month and a half, others by almost nine months, as told by a mother who at the exit of the airport on her son was waiting. Other families have less luck and will still have to wait longer before their loved ones return.

[video = youtube; HZDoQYuLJHQ] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = HZDoQYuLJHQ [/video]