Saudi clergyman: ' Bitcoin is haram ' (video)

The Saudi mental Assim Al-Hakeem indicates that the use of Bitcoins according to Islamic law is prohibited.

Assim Al-Hakeem, a Saudi cleric, told earlier this week that the use of cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin according to Islamic law prohibited, because they are "ambiguous" and provide anonymity to criminals.

"We know you can act anonymously in Bitcoins ... which means that it is an open port is for money laundering, drug money and haramgeld," said Al-Hakeem (freely translated) during his program ' Ask seed '.

"As of today is one that bitcoin 0.1 cents worth was now equal to 11,000 USD. This is ridiculous, "he said.

"This is not something physical that you can touch, it is not a coin, it is not a bank note ... it's something that is virtual ... it is as if you put your money in a vacuum throws".

"In my opinion, Bitcoin is haram, and Muslims must not be involved in such dubious transactions in order to make a quick profit, this is not an Islamic concept," he concluded.

The pronunciation of the spiritual comes after the main religious institution of Turkey also decreed that cryptocurrencies are incompatible with Islam because their value "is open to speculation" and they can be used in "illegal activities, "reports Moroccoworldnews.

The video is in English:

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