Spotlight: Pachuca disables Wydad from in 1/4-final WORLD CUP for Clubs (video)

In the absolute final phase, the team got by John Ammouta an ugly goal to the ears.

It was unfortunately not so, the champion of the CAF Champions League has just released his last meaningful game played. Wydad Casablanca could after the Red map of midfielder Brahim Nakkach not bring to the purpose of the Mexicans. Deep in the CONCACAF champion Pachuca had extension to one match enough to at the expense of Wydad to move to the semifinals of this World Cup for Clubs. The Mexican team will have to go compete with Brazilian Gremio.

Wydad arriving Tuesday still plays one game in which it is to the fifth team of this World Cup can classify, the opponent will then Mbark Boussoufa's Al Jazira or Urawa. The contest between these 2 teams takes place over a small quarter place, Wydad will then next week the losing party faced.


Camara, Attouchi, El H and Angelita

El Karti, S, Nakkach

Baby, Khadrouf (Hajhouj) and Abcd (Easton)

[video = youtube; wQueEd1llTU] v = wQueEd1llTU [/video]

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