La Liga: H makes first Moroccan hit ever for Madrid (video)

After being returned in the side of Zidane, left H immediately seeing value for ' the Royal '.

After long time between a basic and could spare to have suspended Moroccan international Achraf H again this afternoon within the lines start for his employer. In a home game against Sevilla, the 19-year-old back in the score history for Madrid. In the encounter which was decided by the people of Madrid in a huge win of 5-0, Ha took the last goal. After the ball beautifully for to have gotten Karim Benzema could the wing back easily from the right side as the penalty box in maneuvering, his commitment eventually ended up in right hand corner of the goal of keeper Rico.

By this goal goes Ha, just as he had during his first official action the scoop, the books as the first Moroccan-international ever to score a goal in La Liga makes for Madrid.
[video = youtube;-6kPZZRvHnI] v =-6kPZZRvHnI [/video]

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