Glory Redemption: Baby vs. Verhoeven also tonight on Arryadia (video)

A little less spectacular poster than Verhoeven vs. Hari, but everything indicates that it enjoy tonight is going to be!

In the run-up to this world winner 2008 fight was already built up the tension: think of the time that Ben S Verhoeven ring in called for him from the days (ed. profit party against Inocente, March of this year) and the staredown where the atmosphere at some point so grim was that both fighters had to be taken apart. It seems that the kickboksliefhebber tonight, provided it is not an anti climax, can enjoy a heated party kick boxing.

From the various interviews of past period it became clear that both fighters each other not the light in the eyes. During the staredown, which almost turns a slugfest, violent imprecations are done over and over again, which resulted in the Baby's spitting on Verhoeven. It is about to the 27-year-old Baby to the world title at the expense of Verhoeven heavyweight competition. Let's hope he just like in 2011 the longest straw.

Glory 49 Redemption, with the main party: World winner 2008 fight Verhoeven vs. Baby
21:00 (uk time)
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