Al Quds: thousands of Moroccans demonstrate today in Rabat (video)

Thousands of Moroccans demonstrate today in Rabat against Trump's recognition of Al-Quds as the capital of Israel.

Political leaders as well as several trade union leaders and civil society actors joined the thousands of Moroccans who demonstrate today in Rabat.

Le360 collected the testimonies of some of them, including Amina Benkhadra, former Minister of energy and mines, Hamid Chabat, former Secretary General of Istiqlal, Mohamed Aujjar, Minister of Justice and Mohamed Balhas, Minister of Economics and finance. All comment angered by the decision of Donald Trump whose consequences can be severe.

[video = youtube; hVRPTA1GcBU] time_continue = 3 & v = hVRPTA1GcBU [/video]

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