Chinese auto giant ' BYD Auto Industry ' moves to Tangiers

' BYD Auto Industry ' is one of the world leaders in the field of electric transport.

King Mohammed VI received Saturday afternoon at the Royal Palace in Casablanca, Wang Chuanfu, Chairman of the Chinese group ' BYD Auto Industry ', one of the world leaders in the field of electric transport.

In the presence of the King was a memorandum of understanding signed with the Chinese car manufacturer for the establishment of a factory for electric cars near Tanger, the first of its kind in this country, to AFP by an official source Announces .

After the French groups Renault and Peugeot is BYD the third car manufacturer specializing in Morocco establishes.

The memorandum of understanding also provides for the construction of three other factories, one for primary batteries, the other for electric buses and trucks, and the last for the production of electric trains.

All these projects will be located near Tangiers Tangiers in the future, "Mohammed VI Tech City", a "industrial city" under the leadership of the Chinese group Juergen and whose creation was announced in March.

The production sites will be spread over 50 hectares and will create 2500 jobs, according to the promoters of the project, quoted by AFP.

"We want to take advantage of the geographical location of Morocco, as a gateway to Europe and the African market", said Wang Chuanfu.

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