Israeli Prime Minister pulls in Paris of learning

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday in the French capital Paris hard lashed out at Iran and Turkey.

Also, he said that the sooner the Palestinians accept the reality that Al Quds capital of Israel is, the sooner there will be peace.

Netanyahu voiced strong criticism of the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who this weekend had called Israel a "terrorist State". Netanyahu said it is not used to get his lessons "about morality of a leader who bombard Kurdish villages in Turkey, which locks up its own journalists, Iran helps to avoid international sanctions and which helps terrorists, including in Gaza, to kill innocent people. "

In addition it let Netanyahu know it cannot be tolerated that Iran is trying to establish military bases in Syria with the goal to destroy Israel.

The Israeli Prime Minister spoke at a press conference in the presence of the French president Emmanuel Macron, to whom he visits.

Macron has condemned all threats against Israel. It also said the decision by the United States to Al Quds as the capital of Israel to recognize.

Macron pressed Netanyahu on the heart to "give peace a chance" and "to make a gesture towards the Palestinians". As a possible helping hand he called the shut-down of the building of settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.