Verhoeven: ' Fight did not turn to Netherlands-Morocco, that is narrow-minded '

The reigning world champion in the heavyweight class, for many it was a strictly rightly point to the laden poster of last Saturday a clash between Netherlands and Morocco.

Both in the run-up to the maine guy from Glory Redemption from Saturday, as on the fateful night it held now on social media. Among other things on Facebook were fierce discussions about the emotional charge that the poster between Rico Verhoeven and J Baby, predominant was the contrast Netherlands vs. Morocco. Also after the fight, in which Verhoeven defended his world title, it was more about the backgrounds of both kick boxers and the resulting ' rivalry '. Not a good thing, said Verhoeven who here this morning with a Tweet away of nam.

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On the spit incident, where in addition, the opinions are very divided on the occasion of it, had a good word to say about: The story goes that Verhoeven staredown something about the disease during the first (ed. 2 times overcoming cancer) of the 27-year-old Baby had said, which ensured that all respect for his opponent at that time was away and the emotion to him powerful was.

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