Baby: ' am ready, still have a bone to pick with'm '

Baby now recognises are multiple but remains combative, the Moroccan-Belgian fighter wants a rematch now 1-1 the State.

The camp Baby held itself after the zeperd last Saturday's long time stands still, however the 27-year-old kickboxer came this morning with his analysis of the lost party to the Glory-world title in the heavyweight. That Rico Verhoeven as legitimate the winner came has according to Ben S more with conditional for jump, the one that most big hits was pleasantly surprised to find himself. Opposite the Telegraph he's much-discussed at length on the poster.

  For his loss has Ben S also a statement, namely: '' I'm not used to the championship rounds (the fourth and fifth rounds, ed.) to fight, so he won the on endurance. I have always said he is a good athlete and conditional quite strong, that has saved him. But the real fighter I am. The big hits came in the first rounds, when we were both still fit, from my fists and he has them well felt. ''

Baby States that he visually unscathed has come, more than Verhoeven: The kickboksliefhebber may soon may be overlooking a poster Verhoeven vs. Baby, the challenge is a fact: '' it is 1-1 now, but Rico has felt that I too strong for him. The next time I will better be able to fight five rounds and then he is outgunned. I'm ready, still have a bone to pick with him. ''

Photocredit: REUTERS

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