Friendly match against: ' No match against Morocco, Belgian Federation fears for riots '

After being contacted by the Moroccan Federation gave the Belgians soon either.

In preparation for the impending WORLD CUP was and is the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF frantically looking for opponents to against. One of the possible candidates who can apply as a sparring partner is WORLD CUP Belgium-goer. The request of the Moroccan Federation to exercise against Belgium was soon by done by hand, which would have everything to do with the possible riots around that poster.

Someone who is closely involved in the creation of games, FIFA agent Youssef Hijoub, recently did not set out why the Belgians against Morocco wishes to exercise. In a broadcast by France 24 gave the 29-year-old Hijoub that the Belgians all requests of North African countries for a friendly match against have laid aside. This fear of riots where one is confronted with it in the past (ed. 1-4 exhibition win Morocco, 2008).

The Moroccan Federation would further Argentina and Scotland as a suitable sparring partners.