Amsterdam denies alleged Daesh-Warrior

A 31-year-old Syrian who after a debate in Amsterdam by activist compatriots was designated as Daesh-Warrior, denies all involvement in the terror organization.

In interviews with Nieuwsuur and de Volkskrant says the man who according to this media goes, that he has never fought in the Syrian civil war. Let alone that he was a member of the group, such as citizen journalists Daesh ' silently ' declared Raqqa is being slaughtered after they had seen him at the meeting in debate Centre De Balie.

The man, who calls himself Aziz, contacted the media because he was startled by the comments on the story that a warrior would walk around freely in Daesh-Netherlands. "I want to defend myself, purify my name," said the Syrian in Nieuwsuur. He wants to remain anonymous for fear of the Syrian regime. The Syrian authorities put him to six more years because he was with a reading club banned books las.

The man says he's in 2011 in hiding at al-Ahrar Sham, another radical rebel group in Syria. He would have arrived in Netherlands in 2014, with false papers.

"I have my life here, my work. This can destroy everything. " He says he works in an Amsterdam Cafe.

Nieuwsuur and de Volkskrant were the story of the man not confirmed by independent sources. The General Intelligence and security service (AIVD) wants to since the issue began to play all nothing. Ministers also spoke only in generalities and so far not wanted to go into specifics.

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