WORLD CUP for Clubs: ' Wydad keeps $1 million over to participation '

The budget of the reigning champion can after her participation in this World Cup for Clubs with a significant amount.

After to have ended yesterday as sixth during this World Cup for Clubs, immediately became also known what amount Wydad from the well-stocked prize pool of the FIFA. Where there is a total of $24 million is available for the participating clubs, the CAF Champions League-winner about $1 million. If the team of coach Serg Ammouta yesterday as the winner out of the race had come into the battle for the fifth spot, against Urawa, then there could be another half million extra.

The top prize for this World Cup, this edition held in the United Arab Emirates, is set at no less than $5 million.

Champion: $5 million
number 2:$4 million
number 3: $2.5 million
number 4: $2 million
number 5: $ 1.5 million
number 6:$1 million
number 7: $0.5 million

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