Moroccan-Dutch couple does story about House refusal because of descent

A Moroccan-Dutch couple got yesterday a very absurd rejection for a property.

The Moroccan-Dutch couple had last Monday a home visit in Ter Aar via good heart real estate agents and valuers. The couple was enthusiastic and provided all necessary paperwork to below.

Great was their surprise when they the next day (december 12) got within an email by the estate agency. "The owner has chosen only to people of Dutch descent to want to rent", was the message. The couple also possesses Dutch nationality and the application was filed with a copy of their Dutch passports.

The couple told us that they were stunned when they read the mail altogether. "Total bewilderment and disbelief. We read this kind of thing more often, but when it happens to you comes that in like a sledgehammer blow ".

The couple have brought into the open the mail aware. "Because we find that discrimination and racism too often downplayed. You will quickly put away as a crybaby if you indicate to be discriminated against. This is a mail where you can. "

After we copy via social media brought out late yesterday evening, went this quickly flocking around on the internet. The response this morning got of the broker: "I can to those people, of course, a nonsense story telling, but the owner has explicitly told. We come up with that yourself. We have no problems with people. "

A colleague indicates that an error is made: "the wording is very unhappy, and certainly not what is meant. The owner has in the past had bad experiences with migrant workers from the Eastern bloc who rent a lot here, and said they prefer no longer wanted. They would prefer a Dutch family, in the broadest sense of the word. So also Moroccan-Dutch, Dutch-Moroccan or whatever you want to call it. "

They are going to offer their apologies and explain the story. "If the House is still available, we want to offer them, and otherwise another property, maybe as a matter of priority. We are for, the owner choose. "

To date, there is still no contact between the broker and the couple, but we hope, of course, on a happy ending. Finally, the couple still report to our readers:
"Stay especially positive. We must do our best for maybe a little harder, but where there's a will there's a way. And always report this kind of thing! "

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