Liquidation Marrakech: judicial investigation nearly completed

The judicial inquiry into the liquidation in café La Crème in Marrakech is located.

The judge of the Court of first instance in Marrakech, Youssef Zeituni, putting the finishing touches to the report of its hearings with the 12 suspects who have been arrested were connected with the liquidation in café La Crème in Marrakech. In the winding-up was by mistake an innocent medical student by his head shot by two Dutch mercenaries. The actual target was the owner of the café, the Moroccan-Dutch Mustapha ' Mous ' el F, and/or his brother Mohammed.

The Arabic language newspaper Al Akhbar writes today that the 12 people who were arrested by the Court in this case were placed in total isolation with a view on the effectiveness of the investigation. Not only were the defendants unable to communicate with each other, but they were forbidden by the judge and the Prosecutor to be able to receive visits from their family members, or to the other prisoners of the Oudaya prison in Marrakech to approach .

A delegation of the Dutch Supreme Court had already traveled to Morocco, they followed the procedure of investigation by their Moroccan counterparts.

This total black-out is due to the need for coordination between the 12 accused persons during the investigation and interrogations and to this matter, whose international branches already have been proven.

In addition, one feared because of the alleged involvement of international mafia, which deals with drug trafficking and money laundering, for the safety of the suspects.

Without prejudice to the results of the judicial investigation, it seems that all properties of the owner of the café, as well as those of his brother, were put under guardianship because of suspicions of money laundering in connection with drug trafficking. Bank accounts, three luxurious villas in Marrakech and purchased land in different locations in Tangier and Marrakech are confiscated. In addition, a number of confiscated luxury cars, including a Rolls Royce and a Ferrari. The value of this last cars alone is estimated at about 15 million dirham.