Casablanca: facade of a warehouse collapsed, killing 2 and 3 seriously injured (video)

The collapse of the facade of a warehouse caused different victims and significant material damage.

The facade of a factory on the boulevard Abdellah Y in the district of Roches Noires in Casablanca collapsed this afternoon about 13:30 hours (local time) in. Pedestrians and parked cars were buried under the rubble.

The authorities for the time being about 2 kill messages and 3 seriously injured.  Rescue teams are still hard at work to evacuate to other victims. The images filmed by the camera of le360 bear witness to the extent of the drama.

The building is a former building of a feed company and converted into a warehouse. The collapse is probably due to the expired construction, who do not file was against the last rain showers, according to the testimonies of local residents.

[video = youtube; uMPn8q7wnoA] time_continue = 20 & v = uMPn8q7wnoA [/video]