WORLD CUP for Clubs: Ballard and co. in final stage, beaten by Real Madrid (video)

For a moment it seemed that the team of the Dutch coach Henk ten Cate went stunting against the reigning world champion.

On paper the underdog, within the lines a tough opponent for title holder Real Madrid. MBARK Boussoufa went tonight with Al Jazira beaten by the people of Madrid in a what you can call, exciting game. After late in the first half on a 1-0 lead to have come, it seemed for a moment on that Boussoufa his opponent deep into the problems went. Just after the peace signed the Moroccan-international for the 2-0, a hit that ultimately through the video referee because of outdoor game was frowned upon.

When it began to seem that extend went, it was none other than the just inserted the liberating that Gareth Bale goal for his team. The injury-ridden Welshman could indicate Lucas Vásquez de hit that ' the Royal ' to the final of this World Cup. Achraf H that long time between bank and based in has suspended if by Zidane during the game at kick-off appear. The back left, over the whole match, a reasonable impression.

 [video = youtube; GG7SqGwAmDs] v = GG7SqGwAmDs [/video]

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