Violence in schools: 2 teachers attacked

Violence against teachers in Morocco takes not yet.

Two teachers were attacked last week in Ksar El Kebir and Casablanca, reports the daily newspaper Al Ahdath. Among them, says the newspaper, a teacher of the school Abu Al-M in Ksar El Kebir. He was attacked Friday by a student and had to be taken to hospital.

After this event stayed proceedings in the Provincial Directorate of the national education the accused student to his appearance before the Disciplinary Council, which will be held at his school. Legal proceedings against the attacker will also be instituted, reported Al Ahdath, who said that the offending student his teacher had hit him after that arts education had asked to leave the classroom because he had forgotten his ruler.

A second case of aggression took place in Casablanca, a teacher at the school where Al-Khanssae was beaten by the father of a pupil. The victim was hospitalized. Meanwhile, the aggressor was arrested.

Finally, the newspaper reports that the National Federation of Education has started an awareness-raising campaign with the title "I respect my teacher, I respect my supervisor", to violence aimed at teachers and support staff.