A gnawa Group nominated for the Grammy Awards 2018

The Innov Gnawa gnawa group has been nominated for the Grammy Awards 2018.

The Innov Gnawa gnawa group is, alongside other big names in the music world, nominated for the Grammy Awards 2018. The band is nominated for "Best dance recording" with the song "" with Bonobo.

The Grammy Awards (originally Gramophone Awards) are generally regarded as one of the most important music awards in the world, similar to the Oscars for the film world. The awards are annually in the United States by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) awarded to artistic and technical achievements in the muziekvak.

The jury is composed of artists and professional music technicians, who make a choice from nominees: musicians, artists, arrangers, lyricists, producers, conductors, composers and musical technicians in many categories. There is also a category ' spoken word ', for which also well-known politicians like Jesse Jackson, Franklin d. Roosevelt, Martin Luther King and Hillary Clinton ever have received a Grammy.

The announcement of the winners of the Grammy Awards 2018 will take place on 28 november.

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