THINK takes part in Council elections Rotterdam

THINK does next year in local elections in Rotterdam.

That has THINK-leader Tam Kuzu announced Thursday. KUZU was at the Essalammoskee in Rotterdam, where Geert Wilders later will make known who the PVV list trigger is in Rotterdam.

"Every time Wilders with his statements makes for polarization, fear and hate, I am facing him, to fight him in a democratic manner. That is what we have promised our voters. We do this in the second room, so do we today here in Rotterdam and that we will always continue to do so, "said Kuzu.

THINK got during the Dutch general election, about 8 percent of the vote in Rotterdam. A list for the municipal elections is not yet known. KUZU says that his party people "who have been abandoned by the City Government wants to offer hope and perspective".

According to him, the poverty policy eroded, while millions are spent on skyscrapers and public market.

The party is in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Schiedam.

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