Khémisset: forest attacked with knives by timber traders

Now the prices of firewood very expensive store timber traders to steal their battle by protected wood from forests.

Three Rangers were injured by knives during an ambush by about thirty timber traders who illegally extracted timber in the region Khémisset.

An investigation was set up by the elements of the police to the identity and motives of the attackers. According to the medium Al Akhbar were already five suspects interrogated, after two of the victims and other witnesses had been identified.

One of the suspects said he had a conflict with two of the foresters, but denied his involvement in the attack. He told the agents that he had an alibi because he at that time was at a funeral.

The two Park Rangers told the police that their patrol, consisting of 7 Park Rangers, were surprised by about 30 wood merchants who arrived in jeeps drive. They were circled in the middle of the forest, where the attackers large amounts of wood protected steel.

The wounded Rangers were evacuated to the Ibn Sina hospital in Rabat in order to receive the necessary care.