Killed many thousands of Rohingya in Myanmar

Between 25 August and 24 september, there may be more than 6700 members of the Rohingya minority in Myanmar killed.

Between 25 August and 24 september, there may be more than 6700 members of Rohingya minority in Myanmar killed, including 730 children. This estimates the relief organization Doctors without borders based on conversations with numerous refugees in Bangladesh.

According to the army of Myanmar, there are four hundred people, most "Islamic terrorists" had been killed. The ethnic violence in Western Province of Rakhine is directed against the Muslim Rohingya who especially since the second half of the nineteenth century to the region.

The Government of Myanmar Rohingya sees as undesirable aliens and calls them Bengali Muslims. The army would since 25 August a brutal campaign of violence against the Rohingya to expel the population group. Nearly 650,000 Rohingya have since fled to neighbouring Bangladesh.

Medical Director Sidney Wong of doctors without borders calls the recent violence "a clean-up operation" of the Myanmar security forces. He stressed the horrible cruelty of the campaign where people are beaten to death or burned alive. The latest campaign against the Muslim minority in the Buddhist country started after attacks by rebel groups on border-or police stations.

The Rohingya are the last decades frequently been the victim of military repression. In 1978, in the early 1990s, 2012, 2015 and since last year, the minority being hunted. With ethnic cleansing are estimated 75 to 90 percent by 2015 since the Muslim minority of more than a million souls from Myanmar expelled.