Amsterdam may move the moped to roadway

The PVV was against and talked about ' Moroccan traffic hufters that the bicycle trails terrorize '.

A majority of the House of representatives is to a measure that allows for the city of Amsterdam to move to the road cyclists and scorscooters mustache, reports just now.

PVV is against the proposal and pulled it right but again on Moroccans. House Member Roy van Aalst speaks of ' symbolic action ' who just lead to confusion. ' Moroccan traffic hufters that terrorize the bike paths, that is the real problem. It is a misconception that if the municipality they place traffic signs than neatly on the roadway. Certainly if not or hardly maintained is in Republic of Amsterdam. '

The municipality has long been waiting for a Yes from the second Room. If the order in Council today without motions is adopted, the new traffic rule probably enter on 1 July in Amsterdam, says a spokesman for the municipality. ' We have everything prepared. The measure must still along the Council of State. ' The municipality has long maintained 1 January as effective date, but it is clear that that really no longer will succeed. Moving scooters to the roadway improves road safety, says the municipality.

traffic hufters