Casablanca: the moment of collapse of a wall in which 2 people dead (video)

A surveillance camera filmed the moment of the fatal collapse of a wall in Casablanca.

Tv channel 2 m sent surveillance images from the fatal collapse of a wall of a warehouse. On the images is to see how first 2 passers-by along walk and at the time of collapse a passing car disappears under the rubble.

As a reminder, the facade of a warehouse on the boulevard Abdellah Y in the district of Roches Noires in Casablanca collapsed yesterday afternoon about 13:30 hours (local time) in. Pedestrians and a past moving car were buried under the rubble. There were two dead and three seriously injured.

The building is a former building of a feed company and converted into a warehouse. The collapse is probably due to the expired construction, who do not file was against the last rain showers, according to the testimonies of local residents.

[video = youtube; BGFLEnJd1lQ] time_continue = 21 & v = BGFLEnJd1lQ [/video]