35 million Tramadol capsules seized in the port of Tanger Med

A good catch of the Royal Gendarmerie.

The Royal Gendarmerie in Tangier laid Tuesday december 12, attachment of a container in the port Tanger Med, this included 700 boxes with a total of 35 million capsules of the drug Tramadol (225 mg 200 mg 25 million and 10 million).

Tramadol is a morphine-like Painkiller that to the opioids. Tramadol is not covered by the opium law, in contrast to the slightly heavier opiates/opioids such as morphine and methadone.  Tramadol is, however, often used as drugs.

The tramadol was from Asia and intended for an African country, the Moroccan news agency MAP. What African country it was going was not specified.

There is an investigation to the branches to expose the network involved in this international trade.

During the year 2017, the Royal Gendarmerie, in two operations carried out in the port of Tanger Med in July and October, seizure of 2,880,000 capsules Tramadol (120 mg) and 501,000 tablets of the drug Tab-Teedoll-p (what tramadol contains).

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