Two dead and several wounded by violence Maastricht

Perpetrator and victims came from Syria, according to local residents.

Local residents say that the two people who were stabbed to death Thursday night in Maastricht come from Syria. It was going to be a man and a woman. Also the probable culprit is according to various people from the neighborhood a Syrian. He would be a family member of the victims. Two people would be arrested, but the police wanted not confirm.

Police have so far only reported that two people were killed and several people injured. About the victims and the suspect is nothing official disclosed.

A source tells that a total of ten people have been injured. The police has not made a number of.

According to several inhabitants went the perpetrator first with a knife in the hand to a mosque in the neighborhood. There he would have committed violence recently: he would have put a visitor in his leg. About the incident is nothing official.

To the Botsaartstraat, not far from the Moroccan mosque, presumably the first fell dead. The police have put down a white tent and does research. Then would the Joseph Postmesstraat a woman stabbed, with fatal consequences.

On street emerged later a grim atmosphere. A cameraman was attacked.