Essaouira: police officer in custody after causing deadly traffic accident

The cause of the accident left the scene of the accident before the police appeared.

The judicial police of Essaouira has opened an investigation to a police officer of the rank of a Chief Prosecutor, accused of causing a deadly traffic accident.

The traffic police in Essaouira reported Tuesday morning a traffic accident with a car and a scooter, whose 18-year-old driver of the scooter had already died before the emergency services arrived, reports a statement by the Directorate-General for to national security (DGSN). The statement added that the driver of the car that caused the accident, left for the arrival of the police.

Surveys conducted by the police services made it possible to identify the driver of the car, in this case a police officer who works in Essaouira and who was arrested and placed in police custody by order of the public prosecutor's Office, while the vehicle was confiscated, reports the same source.