Cold front: the measures announced by El Othmani (video)

To isolation of the local population to prevent by snowfall, there are several measures announced.

Yesterday during the weekly cabinet meeting, the head of Government, Saad Eddine El Othmani, announced that there will be many measures are and be taken to the effects of the current cold in Morocco.

There were committees set up in 26 provinces to help the affected areas and closed areas accessible. As part of the national plan to combat the effects of the cold, local authorities have a count of homeless people in all regions of the Kingdom then performed to a safe haven for them to find, said the head of the Government.

He also reminded the Government program to access routes to access were closed after snow fall. This was previously material such as snow sliders made available in all areas where this is necessary.

A food distribution operation in risky areas will soon be started, he said, noting that 26,000 food parcels and blankets will be distributed to families in embedded villages.

Similarly, national regulatory authority for telecommunications (ANRT) charged with the restoration of communications in the affected areas. "All the financial resources are mobilized to ensure communication via satellite in the case of insulation," added El Othmani.

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