Asilah: end to theft of shoes in mosques

A man stole in mosques to sell them and with the money to buy drugs.

The inhabitants of the city and victims of this individual property, a sigh of relief. The thief who stole shoes in the mosques of Asilah is busted.

Many residents of Asilah went barefoot home after praying in the mosques of the city. An individual stole there shoes of people who carry out the prayer in the mosque went, waiting for their spiritual duty the thief committed this crime.

But the theft of the shoes is now fortunately stopped. Due to multiple complaints was the thief arrested after police officers had caught him red-handed. According to eye-witnesses arrested members of the judicial police of the distict Asilah and police officers in civilian clothes the man in a mosque in the center of the city. He was transferred to the police station for interrogation.

Lefr360 reports that according to sources, the culprit is 39 years old and a long criminal record. He confessed that he stole the shoes from the mosques in the city to sell them and then bought drugs for.