Safi: dismantling of a clandestine network, seized 14 tons of olive oil production

The "olive oil" was sold as pure olive oil, but was in reality mixes with other types of oil.

The elements of the Royal Gendarmerie have dismantled a network in Safi which specializes in the production and distribution of olive oil. However, this was not pure olive oil, but oil was mixed with other oils.

The police operation resulted in the interception of a truck with 14 tons of olive oil while it was preparing to leave the production location. The driver of the vehicle was detained, reports the news medium Al Akhbar.

This operation is part of an investigation by the Royal Gendarmerie after the market introduction of a kind of oil that is a danger to the health of the citizens and is offered for sale on the market. In fact, the "olive oil" mixed with vegetable oils, as well as other products with a similar composition.

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