Khenifra: authorities charge suspect in which aimed to detonate a bus

It was all just good last week in Khenifra, partly thanks to the diligence of its passengers.

In Khenifra is recently a deposits, the defendant would have tried to detonate a homemade bomb in a city bus. The Moroccan medium Ahdath Al Maghribia reports that it was going to be an explosive which, as it stands to look, still no ignition mechanism was linked. Nevertheless, the threat at that time was so great that the authorities err on the side of names and the entire area had set off.

The suspect in question fell on by its remarkable clothing, he would on the place-offence a military-looking outfit. What at many fellow passengers led to suspicion, partly because of their attentiveness could be quickly and simply.

The case is still under investigation, so stresses Ahdath Al Maghribia.