Beni Mellal: teenage girl invents own kidnapping to ransom to use for trip with a friend

A very bizarre and absurd story!

A teenage girl in the Beni Mellal region has invented her own kidnapping last week. The girl wanted to spend a few days with her boyfriend in Marrakesh without her parents here achterkwamen.

The girl's father received an anonymous phone call from a man who allegedly had kidnapped the girl and ransom demanded. According to the medium Al Massae in its edition of 17 december, contacted the panicky father the police immediately in the city of Beni Mellal. The origin of the call by the police was outdated and so was the person to locate at the bus station of El Kelaâ des Sraghna.

After his arrest revealed the alleged kidnapper that the girl was waiting at the bus station in Marrakech, where they hoped to spend a few days together.

The researchers on the two teenagers confess that they had fabricated the kidnapping story to the family of the girl to fool. They hoped to use the ransom to finance their getaway.

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