Morocco start negotiations with Airbnb

Revenue generated by the rental of real estate will be taxed via the Airbnb platform in Morocco.

Revenue generated by the rental of real estate will be taxed via the Airbnb platform in Morocco. The State wants to ensure fairness between all players in the tourism sector and can be inspired by what is done in Europe in the field of taxation.

The Moroccan authorities are negotiations began with the giant Airbnb to find a solution to the taxation on nights that via site in Morocco. The other problem is a problem for Morocco and where one must find a solution to, the quality of the housing provided.

The main goal is equality between all the players in the tourism sector and to check the quality of supply in Morocco. Among the many providers of accommodations on Airbnb, there are many riads, reports medias24.

The California-based platform, which was founded in 2008, offers individuals the ability to (part of) their own House for rent, but the Government has so far held outside the trade. This issue has been raised all over the world and some European countries have signed agreements with the American company, particularly on the tax issue.

Individuals who receive tourists at home, are not considered as hotel professionals and think they have no fiscal obligations to the State. The income from this activity, however, are taxable. The solution will be adopted in Morocco, is still not known exactly, but it will probably be the direction to what elsewhere, and especially in Europe, is proposed.

In France, the Ministry of Finance issued a tutorial, for example, to tax liabilities to explain to people who offer their enclosure on this platform. The French State has thus the owners in two categories based on the income level that thanks to Airbnb is obtained.

There are people with an annual income of less than euro 32,900, charged against 50% of the income and SALES TAX without having to pay. The one above are consider the French tax authorities and professionals.

It is not excluded that Airbnb works together with the Moroccan tax authorities to provide the necessary information about each account. As soon as the agreement with the Moroccan State is reached, it will have to explain to users the user instructions to the platform as it has done with other countries.

The number of Moroccans that this platform alive, takes all the time. In the course of time is renting through Airbnb has become a source of considerable income for many people. Next to people whose goal is to make ends meet until the end of the month, there are also tourist offices that take advantage of the fame but also of the benefits that the site offers.

The platform, which gathers more than 16,500 hosts throughout Morocco, generates up to 10,000 dirham per month and per host, according to the figures of 2016. A figure that probably will be higher in 2017, according to the exponential growth curve of the platform.

In 2016, and thanks to the offers published on Airbnb, visited more than 210,000 tourists Morocco from 140 countries. The tourists have an average stay of 3.6 nights and the average price by Moroccan hosts is applied is around the $85, according to statistics of Airbnb.