ECOWAS: Moroccan entrusts accession to five heads of State

It has been decided to set up a Commission consisting of Heads of State from five countries.

Last weekend, during the 52nd regular session of the economic community of West African States (ECOWAS) held in Abuja, Nigeria, the heads of State decided to establish a Committee of five countries to decide on the accession of Morocco to ECOWAS. A political decision, in accordance with the expectations of the Kingdom.

The accession of the Kingdom of Morocco is thus entrusted to the heads of State and not to the officials of the ECOWAS Commission. The Committee will consist of the Togolese, Ivorian, Ghanaian, Guinean and Nigerian president, and will monitor the study of the implications of this membership, according to a statement.

This is not to the detriment of Morocco, King Mohammed VI maintains personal relations with the majority of the heads of State will determine the accession of Morocco to the ECOWAS.

It is the task of the Commission of the five heads of State to the deadlines for the membership of Morocco. The main deadline is that of an extraordinary session of the ECOWAS countries, dedicated to this issue.

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